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Laser Teeth Whitening For A Beautiful White Smile

Laser teeth whitening is an outdated term that actually refers to a professional teeth whitening treatment in which a bleaching gel is applied to the teeth and then an LED light specifically designed to accelerate or enhance the bleaching action of the gel is directed at the teeth. Laser teeth whitening can be done in 25 minutes. Most people are pleased with their results – but results do vary from no results to up to 14 shades whiter. Although many dentists do perform laser teeth whitening, it does not have to be done by a dentist. Many salon and beauty professionals now offer laser teeth whitening treatments in addition to the other cosmetic procedures they provide. Laser, or professional, teeth whitening is also offered in kiosks in malls throughout the United States and in smile bars in many European countries.

Beaming White is the #1 supplier of teeth whitening products to the beauty industry and a leading supplier to the professional teeth whitening clinics or smile bars in Europe, especially France. Beaming White also provides the training, equipment, supplies and marketing materials necessary for operating a thriving teeth whitening business.


A dental professional may prep the teeth and apply the whitening gels to the teeth during the procedure. Non-dental teeth whitening technicians in the United States are not allowed to apply anything to anyone’s teeth so they merely guide and assist the customer with their self-administered teeth whitening treatment.

The whitening (bleaching) gel is applied to the teeth and the LED accelerator light is positioned directly in front of the teeth. The whitening results from laser teeth whitening can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, depending on many factors such as dietary habits and oral hygiene. It is recommended that the procedure be repeated at regular intervals with a minimum frequency of 1 month.

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