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Tattoo Removal By PicoClear

With all innovation, new tools are built on the foundation that came before. PicoClear signals the next generation solution for tattoo removal, skin resurfacing(with NO downtime), pigmented lesions & vascular lesions. The PicoClear system is capable of treating more tattoo inks than any other laser on the market, with 40% FEWER treatments! This device treats all tattoo colors, traumatic tattoos, amateur tattoos, and even pigmented lesions such as nevi, lentigines, café-au-lait birthmarks, melasma, and seborrheic keratosis. Pico is the first technology with four wavelengths and two pulse durations, 1064 nm, 532 nm, 650 nm, and 585 nm.

Even a motivated patient can become frustrated when paying for tattoo removal treatments that aren’t showing results fast enough. This frustration often leads to abandoning treatment altogether. PicoClear features high-power that can destroy ink particles in a precise manner and with less disruption to the patient’s skin. This gives the patient confidence to continue treatment and see tattoo removal all the way to the end. The Increased Power leads to better clearance and faster results. In this case, more truly is better.

PicoClear is the first major technologic advance in laser tattoo removal in 20 years, and here is why:

  • Much faster laser pulse vs. previous Q-switched lasers

  • Much more thorough ink particle destruction

  • Much faster removal of most tattoo inks

  • Much more effective for blues and greens

  • Will usually clear even resistant tattoos that have stopped fading in response to other lasers


PicoClear laser tattoo removal uses picosecond (trillionth of a second) laser technology that is 100 times faster than nanosecond technology. As a result, the PicoClear™ system breaks up tattoos faster than traditional lasers and requires fewer office visits. In addition, PicoClear™ is more effective on stubborn ink colors (blues and greens) and is able to treat benign pigment lesions such as brown spots.

How many treatments does PicoClear™ require?

While the number of required treatments depends on the size, locations, colors, and age of the tattoo, PicoClear™ requires fewer treatments than traditional tattoo removal. The removal of your tattoo can be completed in as little as 3-4 treatments!


Is PicoClear™ safe?

Yes, it is FDA -approved technology. There have been no adverse events reported from PicoClear treatments. It is important to take care of your tattoo and be compliant with aftercare instructions provided by your practitioner to avoid any unexpected issues.


How do I know if I'm a good candidate for PicoClear™?

The best way is to schedule a free skin consultation with our office. However, here are some general guidelines:

  1. You have a tattoo with stubborn ink colors and want to ensure the best possible outcome.

  2. You have color "remnants" leftover from a previously treated tattoo.

  3. You want to remove your tattoo in as few visits as possible.

  4. You have benign pigment lesions.

  5. You are between a skin type I - IV


Is it less painful than traditional tattoo removal?

While there is some pain associated with the procedure, PicoClear™ is less painful and requires less visits than traditional laser removal. If minimizing pain is important to you, this is the way to go. If pain is a concern for you, we can use a topical anesthetic to numb the area further.


I have a multi-colored tattoo. Can PicoClear™ help?

Studies show that PicoClear™ is effective, even on black, green, blue, and yellow tattoos. With PicoClear™, you're assured of a better outcome in fewer visits than with conventional Q-Yag laser removal.


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