• the ultimate
    Wrinkle game changer

    The Accent®XL platform provides you the industry’s best dual-mode Radio Frequency solution. Perfect for tightening and re-contouring skin, Accent®XL has seen proven success around the world.

  • Lift
    away years

    Pixel Co2 Fractional Laser will reverse the early signs of aging and let your true radiance shine through.

  • Dramatically
    revitalize your skin

    Turn back the clock on fine lines and wrinkles and reveal your brighter, younger, and healthier looking skin, from the inside out.

  • Regain your
    Natural Beauty

    Accent skin tightening stimulates new collagen to grow, which improves your skin’s texture and tone to fight fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Visible Fat
    Reduction and Tightening

    Accent helps smooth and contour any loose, wrinkled, or dimpled skin anywhere on the body.

Laser Hair Removal

“SopranoXL uses 810-nm diode laser technology, the gold standard in laser hair removal since its introduction in 1998. Unlike earlier systems, however, SopranoXL energy penetrates deep into the dermis (where the hair follicle is located) with high average power and a rapid 10 pulse-per-second repetition rate.

Using CW Pulse™ technology allows homogeneous distribution and more effective fluence to be delivered with improved patient comfort. The unique pulse structure of SopranoXL incorporates two discrete pulses. The first is a preheated long pulse that safely heats the tissue; the second short pulse effectively destroys the hair follicle and its surrounding vasculature.” -Alma Lasers

Here at Pearl Laser Center, with the Soprano XL Laser Hair Removal treatment, we can now free you from daily shaving and tedious plucking. You can forget about expensive waxing! Soprano XL is a cutting-edge medical laser technology designed to be one of the most comfortable and effective hair removal treatments.





Frequently Asked Questions

Is your system FDA approved?
Infuse Med Spa strives to provide it’s clients superior products and treatments, we carefully selected the Soprano XL by Alma Laser, which offers the best treatment options and it is FDA approved.  FDA Approval Document
How to prepare for my first session?
Shaving the day before or just prior to treatment is recommended.  Our Medical Esthetician will advise you on after care and when you may shave or trim again.
Is Laser Hair Removal safe?
Hair removal is one of the aesthetic medical industry’s most well-known and researched uses of lasers.  Treatments provided through the Alma Laser – Soprano XL has provided safe and effective permanent hair reduction for thousands of patients worldwide. Because the Soprano XL utilizes an IN-MOTION™ and low-heat settings our treatments provide a level of safety unlike any other laser hair removal procedure.
How many treatments will I need?
On average, 6 treatments is adequate to provide permanent hair reduction. However, after a consultation with our Medical Esthetician, they may determine that based on the density of your hair, hair color and skin color, you may require additional treatment. Our  Medical Esthetician will advise you. A touch-up treatment two years after completing laser hair removal treatments may be required.
Will my hair ever grow back?
Actively growing hairs that are treated should not grow back. Once a hair follicle is damaged it cannot grow hair. However, hair follicles that were not in the active growth phase will need to be treated. There are four stages in hair growth, Early Hair Growth, Active Hair Growth, Regression and Resting.  Laser Hair removal only affects the Active hair Growth Stage.  Approximately 25% of hair is removed with each treatment.
How do I know it really won’t hurt?
Most people find the Soprano XL laser hair removal treatment comfortable, in comparison to other hair removal methods and lasers. This is one of few laser hair removal procedures where numbing cream is not necessary. It truly depends upon your hair thickness and skin type.
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